Streamline Practice Management With Our Software for Doctors

Streamline end-to-end Management With health Software for Doctors

Manage workflow, accelerate your practice, and increase revenue with best hospital software

Whether you’re a doctor or an administrator of a healthcare facility, keeping a track of your day-to-day tasks can slow you down, hampering your patient's experience as well as your profitability. With our exclusive end-to-end solution, we help you leverage the powers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and real-time analytics to optimize your workflow and make financial and administrative processes more hassle-free than it has ever been!

Practice Management Made Easy

At, we are committed to help medical practitioners and healthcare professionals to take complete control of their practice and/or clinic management. We empower you with a hospital software that helps you to schedule appointments with ease and precision, manage patient data efficiently, and gain operational and financial insights.

Our clinic and practice management software for doctors and healthcare providers is available in three different modes:

  1. Clinic Portal: An all-inclusive technology platform that combines front-desk healthcare services and back-office tasks as one singular web portal.
  2. Clinic Tab: Handle the entire process of clinic and practice management smoothly with our hospital software loaded in a tab configured for optimum service.
  3. Clinic App: Stay connected with each step of the process and manage your practice on-the- go with the best hospital app from your smartphone directly.

Each of the above is offered as monthly subscription based software as a service (SaaS), where the technical strength lies in our strong capability with embedded AI and Machine Learning. Choose them in combination or as individual products per your requirements.

Key Features

Our integrated healthcare service platform is exclusively developed to cater to the needs of doctors and their associates working in clinics, nursing homes and hospitals across the country.

Whether you subscribe for our web portal, tab and our hospital app as individual offerings or in any preferred combinations for your practice, we promise proven and full-featured benefits, including:

  • Patient registration management (self-registration with the tab)
  • Patients profile management to enable instant search of patient history
  • Patient appointment management with automated confirmations via email and SMS
  • Patient queue management
  • Management of paperless consultation/prescription & procedures, along with PDF instructions on recommended care for the patients
  • Calendar management for the practitioner

Other advantages of practice and clinic management software for doctors include:

Additional benefits of combining our clinic portal and the app:

  • Manage Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) for your patients concerning their consultation history, information on their vitals
  • Tackle all aspects of patient billing (invoices, receipts, refunds), inventory/pharmacy management, and even track your lab orders through our web portal
  • Also, manage a multitude of back-office tasks in the web portal, such as
    • managing your doctors and employees security access levels within it,
    • managing your doctors calendars,
    • creating EMR templates
    • creating procedure & drug catalogues for the clinic
    • expense management
    • evaluating reports and analytics to gather data on future trends
    • migrating existing clinic and patient data to the portal’s database

Additional benefits of choosing our clinic tab:

  • Engage and inform your patients about your clinic/hospital, doctors profiles
  • Spread awareness of the various services you provide to the patients with the help of educational videos and other contents
  • Get instant feedback from the patient's parties

Additional benefits of choosing our hospital app:

  • Stay in touch with your patient’s vitals, appointment details along with your own notes and observations round the clock
  • Utilise EMR to access and configure the consultation documents any time right from your phone

Why Practice Management Software is the Best Hospital Software for Doctors?

  • Cloud based technology of the software ensures ZERO setup at your end
  • Enhanced data security through 256 bit end-to-end encryption and Amazon web services
  • End-to-end paperless green technology along with digital seal and signature of your doctors
  • Unlimited appointment confirmation, reminders and follow-up SMS
  • 24/7 support team to address all your concerns on time

Ready to get started? Talk to us to learn more about how the best hospital software can take your practice/clinic to the next level effortlessly.