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Connecting People and Healthcare with the Power of Technology

The healthcare landscape is changing exponentially and advancing towards a better managed and easily accessible world of information and services. At, our commitment as the best health tech startup translates into offering our customers a healthcare platform that is superior, user-friendly and efficient all around.

Our vision to design, develop and introduce the finest technical platform for both the patients and the healthcare practitioners in India has transformed into a combined approach:

  1. Online Doctor Appointment Software & App -> for the patients
  2. Practice and Clinic Management Software, tab & App -> for doctors and healthcare providers

Ideal Healthcare Solution for Patients from the Best Healthcare IT Startup

Are you searching for reliable information on credible doctors in and around your city of residence for booking an appointment? Do you wish to share your experience with fellow patients in your locality and provide feedback to your doctor after your latest visit? Would you prefer to have your medical records stored electronically with easy and instant access from anywhere, anytime?

As the best health tech startup, we have just the solution you need!

You can do all this and more using our Online Doctor Appointment Software & App , with the minimal setup of a smart device and internet. Revel in the benefits of searching for healthcare providers (Doctor, Clinic, Nursing Home, Hospital, etc.), booking and managing online (or on call) appointments, accessing real-time reviews. Also, enjoy online secure EMR features in the app to store, retrieve and send your medical records, reports and vitals electronically, anytime, anywhere.

End-to-End Platform for Medical Practitioners by the Best Health Tech Startup

If you are a doctor or a healthcare provider looking for a compact integrated solution to manage your practice and clinic operations smoothly, you can trust no one but the best healthcare IT startup — that’s us! Check out our three-fold contributions:   Practice and Clinic Management Software, Tab & App.

Override frustration and ensure efficiency and profitability with us for value-added healthcare service in managing your clinic and practice every day. Tackle patient registration, profile management, billing, back-office duties, EMR (Electronic Medical Records), lab order tracking and many other required tasks daily with your choice of a web portal, tab or app on our Practice and Clinic Management Software. Also, ensure an end-to-end green approach by utilizing paperless prescription and other medical communications, appointment reminder SMS, etc.

The best part of it all? These software and smart apps are developed using our strong capability on AI and Cloud as the best health tech startup. So you can enjoy all these features with absolutely no cost of setup and/or infrastructure.

The Fundamentals of Our Promise to You

We, as the best healthcare startup, are committed to delivering the most effective and innovative solution to every stakeholder at the healthcare industry and our products have these values ingrained in them.

Power of AI with Cloud-based solution

  • Subscription based, Software as a Service (SaaS) on Cloud creating smart products.
  • Zero Infrastructure Requirement at your end.
  • Utilise data analytics based reports to figure out the future trends in healthcare for better performance every time.

Enhanced data security

  • 256-bit end-to-end encryption for all of your data.
  • HIPAA - Compliant data centre that uses Amazon web services.
  • Automated back-ups to ensure you never lose your records on our apps.
  • 2-factor authentication for additional protection.

24*7 support

  • Dedicated support teams for addressing all queries and concerns from users of Practice & Clinic Management software/app and Doctor Search & EMR software/app, available 24*7

End-to-end green technology

  • Unlimited appointment confirmation, reminders and follow-up SMS
  • Paperless Prescription, Consultation Notes & Observations (with Digital Seal and Signature of Doctor)
  • Store, access and send (via emails) all your medical records, lab reports, etc. electronically, through any smart device, anywhere, anytime

Whether you are a patient or a medical service provider, get in touch with us to know more about the best healthcare IT startup platform for your needs.