Best Software for Clinic Management

Boost Your Clinic’s Services, Increase Revenue and Ensure Greater Efficiency with the Best Clinic Management App

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution to manage the daily tasks of running a medical practice successfully while taking care of patients? Does your mind go numb every time you sift through several pages of your patients’ health records in the course of diagnosis and treatment? The solution to ease your practice, process and profit is right here — Patient and clinic management software by

Upgrade Your Practice Management With the Best Clinic App

The secret to a successful clinical practice lies in efficiently managing the daily tasks like patient data and profile management, registration, billing, inventory and pharmacy management, lab order tracking, back-office duties and so on. The integrated patient and clinic management software designed by provides a solid technology-based, AI-empowered platform to handle all these and more for you.

Our patient and clinic management software for doctors and healthcare providers is available in three different modes:

  1. Clinic Portal :  One unique web portal that combines front-desk services and back-office tasks for upgraded healthcare practices.
  2. Clinic Tab :  A tab equipped with the clinic management software to take care of the entire course of practice and clinic administration smoothly.
  3. Clinic App :  Manage your practice anytime, anywhere right from your smartphone through the best clinic app at your service.

Each of these is offered as monthly subscription based software as a service (SaaS) enriched in our strong capability with Machine Learning, AI and digital security. Choose them individually or in any combination that suits your requirements best.

Key Features of Our Clinic Management Software

Take a look at the following table to know more about how our integrated solution is going to be the best software for clinic management you ever come across:

Patient RegistrationPatient Profile ManagementAppointment SchedulingAppointment CalendarAppointment Confirmation, Reminders & Follow-up SMSPatient Queue ManagementInstant Search Of Patients’ Records & Medical History (Electronic Medical Records)Treatment Communication, Email & SMSPaperless Prescription, Consultation Notes & Observations (with Digital Seal and Signature of Doctor)Capture and Manage VitalsYYYYYYYYYYYYYY--YYYY--YYYY--YY--YYInventory & Pharmacy ManagementLab Order TrackingExpenses ManagementBilling Management – Invoices, Receipts, RefundsClinic Back Office Settings*YYYYY----------------Y--Instant FeedbackView Your Doctor's ProfileSpread awareness of the practitioner/clinic though educational videos and other engaging contents------YYY------
Healthcare Service Pain AreasUnderlying tasksClinic PortalClinic TabClinic App
Patient Data Management
Back-office Management
Third-Party Services

* The Clinic Portal, as one of most user-friendly clinic management software, enables you to perform a number of back-office operations effortlessly, such as:

  • managing your doctor's and employee's security access hierarchy
  • managing your doctor's calendars
  • creating EMR templates
  • creating procedure & drug catalogues for the clinic
  • evaluating reports and analytics to gather data on future trends
  • migrating existing clinic and patient data to the portal’s database

What Makes Clinic Management App Different?

  • Cloud based technology for ZERO setup cost  and automated back-ups
  • Enhanced data security  through end-to-end encryption, dual authentication and Amazon web service's HIPAA - Compliant data centre
  • End-to-end paperless  green technology
  • Unlimited appointment confirmation, reminders and follow-up SMS
  • 24/7 support team  to address all your concerns on time

All set to acquire the best software for clinic management and the best clinic app to take your practice at the next level ? Call us today!